here we go app

Here WeGo

A mobile application assisting with city navigation.

Application Feature Design


Role: UX Research, Interface Design, Prototyping

Team: Dana Khan, Irene Kim

HERE WeGo is an existing mobile application that aims to make city navigation effortless through smart planning, detailed routes, and turn-by-turn guidance. Created for a third-year interface design course, the purpose of this project was to create an additional feature for the application that would be implemented into the existing interface to improve the app and add functionality.

Research & Interviews

The first step of this project was conducting research and interviews in order to gain a better understanding of our users. We interviewed various people of different skill levels, where we asked open ended questions and tasks. This allowed us to see where the common issues lay in the existing interface, as well as what components users felt were frustrating to use or lacking altogether.

Mapping Out The New Feature

Taking into consideration the results from our interview process, my team and I began to brainstorm new features that would help improve the app. The feature we felt would be most useful to our users was a detour feature. This feature allows users to place breaks in their route by adding points of interest or specific addresses as “detours” while maintaining their final destination. We then mapped out through a flowchart how our feature could fit into the existing interface.


Integration of the new feature into the existing app.

Prototyping Layouts

My team began the prototyping process with sketching out possible ways to represent our user flow. At this stage we were concerned with elements such as button placements, icon designs, and visual cues that would help guide the user through the task of adding a detour to their route. Following this we produced static mockups of our newly integrated feature using illustrator.

two phones

High fidelity static mockups.

Interactive prototype

The last stage of this project was creating an interactive prototype to fully show how the new feature works, and how it integrates into the exiting function of the app, as well as the existing interface design.

Working prototype with interaction.


Through this project I learned the importance of user research and interviews in order to produce a design that is well suited to those who will be using it. My team and I were able to successfully create a feature for the HERE WeGo app that helps in creating a more efficient way to navigate the city.

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