The Shack

Cypress Mountain's newest outdoor food vendor.

Branding and Menu Design


Role: Branding, vector mockups, layout design

This project was created independently while working as a graphic designer at Cypress Mountain - Vancouver’s biggest ski and snowboard resort. The purpose of this project was to create a new logo and menu design for the resort’s popular outdoor food vendor called “The Shack”.

Design Brief & Brand Evaluation

While quite open-ended, the main points of the design brief included: 1) the logo and menu should be modernized to fit the rest of Cypress Mountain Resort’s modern look and feel 2) the logo should utilize a single colour. My first step was evaluating the current branding of The Shack and noting what was not working. My findings were that the current logo did not fit the modern look of the resort or fit the natural outdoor setting it resides in. Instead, the branding was designed to look like a retro diner which is very out of place for the mountain resort. My goal was to diverge away from this look.

shack with reto branding

The Shack with its initial retro branding.

Initial Mockups

The next step was to to focus on the logo and create quick mockups to return to higher management for review. I took a variety of approaches from creating fully text-based logos to more illustration based logos which helped bring in elements of the mountain, trees, and the wooden building itself. I first sketched to generate quick ideas, and then went in to create medium-fidelity mockups in Illustrator.

draft logos

Medium fidelity mockups.

Final Production

The bottom right logo was received with the most enthusiasm as it emulated a modern feel, brought in important elements of the setting, and created a sense of adventure with its badge-like style. Going forward with this logo I moved into final production. Here I made small changes to the layout as well as the typography, such as shifting away from serifs for a more modern finish. Finally, I played around with different menu layouts and imagery that the logo would be placed on. I decided on a modern table tent menu design with alpine tree imagery.

shack logo shack menu

Final logo and table tent menu design.


Through this project, I learned the importance of keeping the overall setting and atmosphere of an establishment in mind when branding. With this, I was able to successfully create a new logo and menu design for The Shack at Cypress Mountain that better fits the modern look and outdoor lifestyle qualities of the resort.